16 Details that your nails can reveal about your health

Fingernails can tell us a lot about our state of health, says Australian nutritionist Fiona Tuck, according to Daily Mail. The specialist warns women about the care of their nails and their diet in general since fragile and bad-looking nails translate into various health problems.

Women love to have their nails fixed. Well, not everyone, but the vast majority, and I include myself. Motherhood has left me little time to beautify them as before, but I try to keep them short and neat at least. Nails not only serve to show and exalt our hands, but they can be the reflection of the state of your health.

Signs to understand the condition of the nails

The nutritionist says that there are signs that we can see with the naked eye in the appearance of our fingernails, which would indicate what nutrient we would be missing or what health problem we may be carrying.

Review this list to be able to detect what your nails are in

Fragile nails

If your nails are weak or break easily they can indicate a deficiency of fatty acids, proteins, vitamin A, iron or calcium.

White spots or lines

it is probably due to a deficiency of zinc or vitamin B6

Pale and colorless

It could be due to a deficiency of iron and protein, or kidney and liver disorders. Also, each coloration has a meaning, according to The Lucid Life: Green nails are a sign of bacterial infection. Red stripes on the nail bed are a warning of an infection of the heart valves. Bluish nails indicate low levels of oxygen in the blood. White nails may indicate damaged liver, such as hepatitis. Dark stripes on top are associated with aging and congestive heart failure

Dry and flaky

You may not be eating enough animal protein. Likewise, nails that grow slowly may be indicative of a deficiency of vitamin A or iron. Also, and according to the Lucid Life site, split nails are the result of deficiencies of folic acid, vitamin C, and proteins, as well as maybe the result of chronic malnutrition. Thyroid problems also cause the nails to dry.

Horizontal or vertical crests

They are usually caused by trauma or damage to the nail bed matrix. Vertical nail ridges may be related to a possible weakness in the digestive tract that results in compromised assimilation of nutrients. They can also indicate the presence of the disease called lupus, as well as inflammatory arthritis

With holes

Nail holes may indicate psoriasis or a connective tissue disorder. They also usually indicate alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss, and zinc deficiency

In the food is the key

For the nutrition expert, proper nutrition for healthy nails consists mostly of a good source of protein. The specialist recommends organic chicken, eggs, tofu, lean red meat, fish, raw nuts and seeds. Foods rich in silica, such as cucumbers, barley, oats, root vegetables, green leafy vegetables, onium, celery, and cereals are also beneficial. In the snack, the nutritionist recommends including nuts and sunflower seeds.

Super healthy nail food

In many cases, the problem of your fragile, dry or brittle nails can be remedied with a good diet. In other cases, it may be deeper medical conditions, so it is necessary to consult your doctor when you suspect that the appearance of your nails is strange.

Meanwhile, here is a list of superfoods that, according to Bekia Salud, are the best to have not only the strongest and healthiest nails but also your hair:


(also called avocado): it is abundant in vegetable proteins, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin K, folic acid, potassium, and healthy fats.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are rich in copper, magnesium, zinc, protein, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin E, biotin and other nutrients that are essential for your nails, your skin and your hair.


It is a superfood that is full of B vitamins, biotin, protein, magnesium and chlorophyll.


Essential food for the diet, since they are rich in protein, vitamin D and also in vitamin biotin B

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds

These seeds contain a lot of zinc, protein, copper, vitamin E, magnesium, biotin, and tryptophan.

Chia seeds

In addition to its infinite properties, chia seeds are full of zinc, calcium, proteins, and vitamins of group B.


It has great anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in B vitamins. If you want to improve your health and strengthen your brittle nails, then you can consume a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, or add oatmeal in your daily dishes.

In addition to proper nutrition and good hygiene habits, it is important to maintain good wetting of the nails and cuticles. When painting, it is preferable to place a protective base so as not to stain the nails with the pigment of some enamels. And how do you take care of the health of your nails?

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