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21 Paper Crafts DIY Ideas

You use it every day and you can not imagine everything you can do with it. Paper is a GREAT commodity to decorate and do all kinds of crafts, no matter how old you are. Not only can you make beautiful cards: run for papers of different types and make garlands, photocalls, lamps, and even plants! We have collected a lot of cool paper crafts to inspire you and start doing projects. Enjoy them and, when you finish watching them, tell us what you think in the comments!


A classic in the world of crafts. Who has not ever made a homemade showcase with some black construction paper and colorful tissue paper? In this case, they have made a flower, but all kinds of figures can be made. A very cool idea to do with children.


A picture frame and lots of old magazine sheets that you have at home. They are the materials you need to make this marvel. That, and a little patience … We love it! Without a doubt, a different way of giving a second life to an ugly frame that you have at home.


If the fact that the flowers have an expiration date makes you a little bit annoyed, go to the paper ones! They are perfect to decorate and very badly you have to give them to wither. These are made with tissue paper In the title you have the link to learn how to make them.

More paper flowers, these with a funky point. Pinocchio paper, fun shapes and a lot, a lot of colors. Perfect to give as a gift or to put them in a vase in the living room. Tip: do not put in water.


The idea for the kids With paper or cardboard in two shades of brown, you can make some hedgehogs as cute as these to decorate your room. Doing them is super easy. To shape them, create two cones, one larger for the body and one smaller for the face. You just have to make a cross section to the big one to make the spines of the hedgehog and paint the child’s face with a black marker.

Another idea of children’s crafts with paper. In this case, they made a homemade card with newspaper and wool, giving shape to a very nice unicorn.

Another idea for the little ones in the house to have fun using paper or cardboard. With strips of colors and a bit of cotton, they can make a homemade rainbow like this so that they will only have to use scissors and some glue stick.


Are you looking for ideas to decorate an event with an original touch? These paper butterflies have come flying to save you. In the image, they have been used to decorate the photos of a wedding. You can also let them invade the walls of your house. They are small but multifaceted.


Another idea to decorate a party using a bit of paper or cardboard. In this case, in addition to giving a very vivid touch to the room with a mural made of strips of colors, they have created a homemade centerpiece with geometric figures of the paper. How about?



This wall ornament, inspired by floral compositions made in India, is made with crepe paper circles of various colors, strung on a piece of string and hung from a wooden stick. Is not it great?



Go choosing a motivating phrase. This idea is great for decorating a room, an office, the living room … It’s as simple as cutting out a cool message of bright color and sticking it on a white background. Voi lá! Ready picture. To cut small figures of paper with precision, you will need an appropriate artistic cutter.


More messages on your walls, much more minimalist in this case. Instead of making a more curved design like the previous example, in this painting, they have opted for simplicity. The key? Choose a nice paper to make the letters.


What do you think of these succulents? They drive us crazy. You can make them with the paper of different shades and textures and put them in a pot like this, hanging by your wall, forming a crown for the door … you choose Although these are cut with an electric cutting machine, with a little patience and a Good cutter are at your fingertips. The page on which we have found them is a marvel and has a lot of plants made with paper, the work of Lia Griffith.

Following the wake of the previous example, an eye to this wonder. They have been made by Koral, from Fábrica de Imaginación. A twist to the cactus world: these are made with cardboard! They are perfect to decorate boxes and put them at home or make a very special gift. What is your favorite?


This idea is perfect to give a romantic touch to your decoration. Recycle the leaves of an old book that you have at home and begin to cut hearts as if there were no tomorrow. Join them with the help of a string and you will have your garland. Do you like?

For those who dream of trips everywhere, this garland of homemade balloons. To make them, cut circles of colors -with a cutter or with scissors- and, folded in half, glue them forming the upper part of the aerostatic balloon. Prepare a paper basket … and fly!

One more garland is with lights. If you control the origami world a bit, doing it will be relatively simple. Create cubes with a basic paper and put tiny lights inside. Very cool for the terrace!


The idea to succeed with your greeting cards this Christmas. This tree in three dimensions is made with thin green paper strips, folded in accordion form, which take shape when the card is opened. Very cool!

If you want more ideas for making homemade cards, take a look at this: 15 homemade Christmas cards.


To make these lamps so cool you will need a very thick paper or cardboard. Do you like them? They are great to give a modern and handmade touch to your decor.


The thing gets complicated. Making these origami elephants should not be easy, but the result is incredible. Imagine this mobile made with colored elephants over a crib or in any corner of a children’s room. 10!

Do you dare with any of these ideas? Tell us in the comments! We have selected a small selection, but there are many. Run to buy beautiful papers -or recycle some you have at home- and get down to work.

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