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30 Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair that you’ll love

Hair is almost always beautiful by itself, but it can be more attractive with an original hairstyle. How to make a hairstyle with long hair that surprises others? Here are some ideas, we bring you 20 examples of hairstyles for long hair that you will love!

French Braid with Volume

One of the most creative and beautiful hairstyles for long hair are the double French braids with volume with loose ends. It is a very original style that you must copy.

Dutch Braid

You can opt for a Dutch transaction in the middle with the loose hair and this way your hair will look with more volume and works very well for the long haired girls.

Braid boxer hairstyle

The Tails of Boxers are fashionable are a boom this season and do not go out of style. This hairstyle is ideal for college, and for working in the office.

Ponytail with braids

The usual ponytail is very simple, but if you complement it with several thin braids, the effect will be completely different. Ideal to make only three braids in a row and join them with a tail.

Colorful hair

Nowadays it is fashionable to paint the hair of various shades and shading. The color becomes slightly smoky and degraded but quite different. Especially it will stand out if you use a combination of purple, blue and pink tones. Make a braid and set it in a circle behind the head.

Accessories for a romantic look

Sometimes the shampoo or balm is so good that what you want is to have your hair loose. In such cases, it is advisable to complement the hairstyle with accessories.

Side Braid

If you want to make a comfortable hairstyle that makes you look fabulous choose a side braid. This hairstyle looks great for a casual day and is very suitable for the summer period.

Mohican style

This year, braids are very popular, and the most interesting thing is to combine them with each other. But if you want a slightly more bohemian style you can opt for a modern-style Mohican hairstyle. You will be very super chic!

Bandana for hair

When you have to do a quick and easy hairstyle, help with a hair bandana. If you want to bat your hair with lacquer to give volume.

Elaborate Braids

If you have time to comb your hair add a touch of glamor and originality to your hairstyle with charming details, such as bows, hearts or changes.

Braid with Volume

With this type of braid, you will look splendid wherever you go. It can even be a formal party or event and you will attract all eyes. This type of braids will make you look a voluminous and glamorous mane.

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