43 dishes with vegetables to leave the classic stews

Legumes are a group of foods with valuable properties for the organism, and although we are accustomed to eating them as part of spoon dishes, they are very versatile in the kitchen. For that reason, we left 43 plates with vegetables to leave the classic stews.

Spring has arrived, temperatures begin to rise and it is not a reason to stop including pulses in the habitual diet, because beyond its intake with soups and stews, we can include them in other dishes as shown below:

Light and satisfying salads 

For this time of the year, salads can be very helpful, especially to solve a meal easily and achieve a light preparation but very satiating.

We can use cooked and frozen vegetables at home or canned vegetables and with them make several salads such as white beans and tofu curry, chickpeas, tomato and potato with mustard dressing, lentils and rice with avocado and tomato or lentils and tortilla chips ideal for a meal without meat or vegetarian.

With many proteins but of vegetable origin we can make a salad of lentils beluga and quinoa with crispy vegetables that combine essential amino acids of cereals and legumes or, a salad of roasted chickpeas with millet or of black beans and potato with corn.

With animal proteins that facilitate the absorption of iron from legumes, we can prepare for example a warm salad of lentils with cilantro with prawns , beans, watercress, cherry and belly , burrito salad, colorful with chicken and beans , chickpea salad with tomato and tuna belly or a crispy salad of purchase with smoked cod .
Hamburgers, meatballs or medallions

They are a very original way of adding legumes to the diet and they are an excellent alternative for the children of the house to whom everything that has the shape of “ball” or circular they love.

Thus, we can create some medallions beans and carrots, vegan medallions red lentils, meatballs broccoli, chickpeas and rice completely vegan but with good proteins, meatballs eggplant and baked beans or dumplings chickpeas, barley and squash.

Burgers vegetarian or vegan can achieve a lot using pulses and example are the soy burger and mushrooms , this with beans , this vegan option broccoli and chickpea , this red lentil also 100% vegetable, this with black bean, sweet potato and rice , this one of zucchini and chickpeas or, this vegan option of lentils and rice very easy to make.

Appetizers satiating with legumes

If our appetizer is healthy and also effective to keep hunger at bay, it is undoubtedly an excellent option to start the meal or to peck prior to it.

Some alternatives with legumes are these black bean and couscous appetizers, these pancakes or latkes of chickpeas, potatoes and carrots, spicy chickpeas roasted in the oven that also serves as an easy snack to move, or, we can make a light falafel based on chickpeas of the boat.

Another ideal option for the appetizer is the hummus that is traditionally made with chickpeas but we can also make lentils and black beans.

Burritos, pizzas and other fast but healthy foods

With legumes, we can return much healthier preparations that we usually find in fast food so we can make a black bean burrito and brown rice, mini pizzas of chickpeas and corn that children will love, some lettuce tacos with super satiating lentils and light, or vegan tacos of chickpeas and soy.

Other options are curried lentils tacos, these vegetarian burritos with chipotle dressing or this wrap very easy to make with black beans inside.

Other healthy dishes to include legumes in the diet

In addition to the dishes mentioned above, we can also create other original preparations with legumes to pass the classic stews.

So, a good alternative is this red lentil dahl with sweet potato cover or this bean puree that we can use as a garnish for any other dish.

Also, we can create sweet dishes like this red bean paste, a chocolate hummus that we can accompany with fresh fruit canes or, a sponge cake with chickpeas and chocolate with nuts filled with fiber.

We already see that beyond the potages, legumes can be part of many other dishes in our usual diet.

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