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6 Cool Ways To Lace Shoes

Beautifully lace laces – it’s easy!

Sneakers and sneakers are comfortable shoes that have long been firmly established in our lives. And to stay at the peak of fashion, it is important to know how beautifully laces are laced. Of course, bright colors are good, but the original lacing will make your look even more interesting. We will talk about it today.

To do this, it is enough just to show imagination. Perhaps, right now, after thinking for 5 minutes, you will come up with something of your own, radically new. But if this did not happen, then boldly read on our article. After all, here you will find many original schemes and tips for the most beautiful lacing.

6 Great ideas for lacing

From the first time and quickly the desired pattern may not work. Therefore, we advise you to try all of the methods proposed by us separately. Allocate quite a bit of time for this, and properly understand the nuances of each weave. In the future, this will help you to save nerves and precious minutes if you suddenly are somewhere very late, and the lacing does not want to give in.

Classic cross-stitch lacing

This method is known to all of us since early childhood. It was with him that we began our great journey into the world of laces. Therefore, it will be quite fair if he turns out to be the first here.

  • So, first, pass the laces through the bottom holes.
  • If you want the re-baptism to be inside, then skip the tips from the outside to the inside.
  • If, on the contrary, you want an external crossing, then start the process of threading from the inside of the shoe.
  • Next, alternately insert each of the ends of the lace into the hole that is located diagonally from it.
  • Thus, in the process will form a pattern “crosswise”.

Straight diagonal lacing with short ends

If you are thinking about how beautiful and practical to lace up the laces on the sneakers, then, by all means, refer to this method. It is especially good for shoes with 6 holes. The main thing is that they have an even number.

  • Begin by threading the string from the outside to the bottom holes. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that one end was much longer than the other.
  • Attach the short tip immediately, inserting it into the sixth hole without changing the direction. From him, you should have only a small segment, which will be needed to tie the knot.
  • Now we take a long end. On the inside, pull it up to the fifth hole, stick it out. And then drag to the opposite side and insert into the opposite hole.
  • Go to the fourth hole and repeat the process that we described above. That is, push the cord from the fourth hole out, drag it to the opposite side, and “drown” in the opposite hole.
  • Do this procedure with each of the holes until you get to hole number six. There connect the tips between a node.

European lacing

Now let’s find out how beautifully lace up the laces on the sneakers. The so-called European diagonal lacing is perfect for this case. Just see that the halves are close enough to each other, otherwise, the inner weave will be visible.

  • Start the process as standard: pass the lace into the bottom holes from the outside.
  • Keep in mind that one end of the lace will have to be inserted into even-numbered holes, and the other into odd ones.
  • Next, take one tip and stretch it from the inside into the second hole located on the opposite side. Slide out and return to the original side again.
  • Grasp the other half of the lace and do the same, only with the third hole.
  • Continue the process alternately with the fifth and sixth holes.

Butterfly Lacing

Now we will tell you step by step how to create a beautiful lace pattern with a romantic name “butterfly” on the shoes. It is very simple.

  • First of all, you need to put the laces in the bottom hole from the outside and stretch it to the next pair of holes.
  • Further, on each side we pull out the halves of the lace and cross them, stretching the ends to the holes on opposite sides.
  • When the first cross is ready, make a small pass (if space allows) and cross the strings again.

Sawtooth lacing

How beautiful to lace up the laces on sneakers with 5 holes, if most patterns require an even number of holes? The answer is simple – sawtooth lacing will help you out. Firstly, it looks very cool, and secondly, it is extremely easy to perform.

  • Once again, pass the string into the lower rings from the outside to the inside.
  • Now take one half and inside on the diagonal drag it to the opposite side, but not to the next row, but through one.
  • Insert the end into the hole and pull the string out, then stretch it in a straight line to the opposite side, where you will go back inside. Again skip the row and repeat the manipulation.
  • Next, go to the second half of the lace. You will start working with him from the row we missed at the beginning.
  • Run the rope down to the bottom, pull it out and pull it straight along the opposite side. Again, deepen the lace inside.
  • And, skipping the next row, since you already had the first half of the lace there, drag the string diagonally to the other side.

Lacing with knots

If you come across long laces, then this way to tighten them exactly for you.

  • Everything is simple here: insert the lace into the holes from the inside, so that the tips go out.
  • With this done, tie them together with a single knot.
  • Further, the tips are again passed through the holes from the inside and again tightened with a simple loop.
  • And so we continue to do at each level.

Now you know how to beautifully lace up the laces on the shoes. And agree that there is nothing difficult. The main thing is to practice a little. Also, on the Internet, you can always find a huge number of schemes and video lessons that will finally help you to understand all the intricacies of the patterned lacing. Dare and be the most stylish!

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