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6 signs that you eat too much sugar

Today it is customary to demonize sugar as never before: many nutritionists (and after them star-followers of a healthy lifestyle) believe that sugar is not just harmful, but dangerous to health. But there is another point of view: its essence is that extremes are harmful in everything, and sugar can be consumed, but only in moderation. True, as always, somewhere in the middle: it is proved that sugar destroys collagen fibers, however, with reasonable consumption, it is unlikely to cause devastating harm to health. Want to keep skin youthful for a long time? Then it is better to limit the number of sweets and other sources of refined sugar in the diet.

Now let’s figure out how to understand that you eat too much sweet – and that it’s time to sound the alarm. If at least one or three signs is about you, then it is time to get rid of sugar addiction. And she, according to nutritionists, is very similar to a drug.

1. You always want sweets

This is the very point that fully reflects the “kinship” of sugar and drug addiction. The more you use a “forbidden” product, the more you want it. As a result, you begin to crave more and more new servings, because at each intake of sugar the body gives a hormonal response, and then a sharp decline occurs. As a result, the body signals that it needs more and more refined products – and you put candy after candy in your mouth.

2. During the day, energy is replaced by a breakdown

The change of periods of rising and decline of forces logically follows from the previous paragraph. The chain is built like this: “sugar intake – insulin release – energy boost.” Thus, “fast” energy is formed, which is short enough, therefore an energy well is formed after it. If you can track such abrupt state changes during the day, this is an occasion to review your daily menu. A stable level of sugar in the blood provides a stable level of energy, and sudden surges in glucose, respectively, adversely affect your performance.

3. Frequent outbreaks of acne

“Uncontrolled sugar consumption leads to an imbalance in hormone production,” says Dr. Rebecca Cazin, a dermatologist at the Washington Institute of Dermatological Laser Surgery. “It can trigger outbreaks of acne and rosacea (redness).” They usually appear several days after the sweet feast of the abdomen. Therefore, the doctor recommends: if you notice such skin reactions, first of all, exclude sweets from the diet. But if this does not help, then it is worth looking for other causes of skin problems.

4. You notice that you are constantly gaining weight a little

Have you been struggling with your favorite jeans lately? Then think about how many sweets with the tea you eat per day. When your dessert enters the body, the pancreas begins to produce insulin. It, in turn, delivers glucose to cells and allows energy to be extracted from it. If there is too much sugar, insulin production also rises. As a result, resistance to this hormone may develop, because of which the cells will not be able to use glucose for its intended purpose. And here, weight gain will not keep you waiting (in addition to a more serious problem – the risk of developing diabetes).

The danger lies in the consumption of hidden sugars (they are found in most even unsweetened finished products): in whole-grain bread, juices, low-fat products, yogurts and much more. In 2014, WHO even proposed increasing taxes for manufacturers of sweet soda to reduce its consumption and thereby prevent obesity. However, the decision was never made.

5. Caries began to appear on the teeth

If you have never suffered from tooth decay, but suddenly noticed that black spots appeared on the enamel, reconsider the nutrition. Caries was before, but does it increase over time? We do the same. Enamel damage is an indicator that saliva ceases to cope with its duties: the pH level changes, saliva ceases to effectively neutralize bacteria in the oral cavity, the balance is disturbed – and voila, caries is formed.

6. Habitual sweet doesn’t seem so sweet anymore

Excessive sugar intake affects taste buds: they cease to perceive taste as subtly as before. In the end, in order to feel the sweetness in full, you need it to be as intense as possible. Therefore, do not rush to put an extra spoonful of sugar in evening tea – it is better, on the contrary, but one less.

Do you notice any of these signs?

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5 signs that you eat too much sugar

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