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7 amazing tricks to clean the kitchen

We all like to have a clean and shiny kitchen, but who has time to do it? These tricks that I share with you then will make your life much easier.

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Take half a lemon.

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First, use it to cook or make tea. Then, push it on a hard surface to clean. Put it in a container with water and boil it in the microwave, before cleaning it, and finally put it in the garbage disposal. You will see how everything will be shiny and with a delicious aroma.

White vinegar is very cheap and serves to disinfect.

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It has antibacterial properties and accompanies traditional cleaning products perfectly. You can also use it to remove water stains and to soak dirty rebel.

Wax to polish cars will become your best friend.

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Believe it or not, it is great for polishing metals, mirrors and repelling fingerprints, water, and other liquids.

Dryer wipes serve for much more outside the laundry.

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They are perfect for cleaning the fridge, dusting the baseboards and the frames above the doors, as well as the picture frames.

All types of oil can be your ally against dust.

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Olive, for children, or even better, coconut. The oils are great for keeping wooden furniture in good condition, such as the table, chairs, and cabinets of good quality, and to prevent dust from accumulating on them.

Put protective covers on shelves and drawers.

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When you want to clean them, just remove them, wash them and put them back. It also serves to protect cabinets from water stains and food debris.

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