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Attractive craft ideas for kids

Transform your passion into money with these ideas!

If you are passionate about making crafts, surely more than once a friend has asked you why you do not sell those beautiful things you do. And if you need some extra money, it might be a great idea! Here we give you some ideas and craft projects to which you can also make a profit selling. Take advantage of!

1. With stones


Is there anything cheaper and easier to get than a stone? And the best thing is that we have found 10 crafts that you can do with stones and they look beautiful. And when they are beautiful it will be very easy to sell them!

2. With soap


Discover how a humble soap can be transformed into an attractive decorative piece in these 6 amazing handicrafts made with soap. You can use soaps of different shapes, colors, and aromas, and you can even make your handmade soaps!

3. With plastic bottles

Take advantage of the fashion of recycling and transform the polluting plastic bottles into practical and beautiful crafts. We bring you 28 creative ideas to recycle plastic bottles so you have where to choose!

4. With elements of nature

The next time you go for a walk in nature, be it a park, the countryside or the beach, take advantage of bringing some items to make crafts. Because we want to propose to make these 7 crafts with elements of nature.

5. With glitter

Do you want a bright future for your business selling crafts and crafts? Then do not miss these 7 crafts that you can do with glitter and you did not know! They are beautiful and very, very bright.

6. With cloth

If you have some cloth clippings and some pieces of clothing that you no longer use, you can start now to produce your cloth crafts. And you will spend very little work because it is handicrafts with fabric that you will not need to sew.

7. With tree leaves

Autumn has just started in the southern hemisphere, so we have a large number of sheets to do our crafts. And if you still don’t know them, come and show us how to make 13 incredible crafts with tree leaves.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to these ideas of easy crafts that you can do at home and sell, take advantage of whatever you know to do! And if in the end, you decide that you prefer not to sell them, there are 12 ways to decorate the room with crafts.



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