Avocado is not just for salad: nine healthy desserts with avocado to suck your fingers

Avocado is one of the few oily fruits that we usually incorporate into salty dishes. However, it is a food with valuable properties and very versatile that not only can we add it to the salad but then we show you nine healthy desserts with avocado to suck your fingers.

Due to its almost neutral flavor and its creamy and creamy texture, the avocado can be used as a substitute for cream or butter in sweet dishes and, in addition, it goes very well for the preparation of desserts with various ingredients.
As if that were not enough, it brings healthy fats, potassium, fiber and plenty of satiety to the body, allowing you to obtain truly healthy sweet dishes that are ideal for dessert.


Nine healthy desserts with avocado

If you love sweets and you want to eat healthier, these desserts with avocado are recommended for your usual diet:


  • Avocado truffles: it is a very simple recipe with only three ingredients. No flours and very reduced in carbohydrates but full of antioxidants and creaminess that will conquer all kinds of the palate.
  • Avocado brownie: used as a replacement for butter, the avocado considerably improves the fat profile of this brownie in which we recommend replacing honey and sugar with stevia or another sweetener without calories.
  • Easy cream of avocado, coconut, and lime: a fresh and very tasty dessert, full of potassium and vitamin C that we recommend to try. In the same, we recommend replacing the condensed milk with fresh sweetened cheese or, evaporated milk or cream with sweeteners that allow us to reduce the free sugars.


  • Creamy pudding of chia with avocado and banana: an option-rich in healthy fats and with a lot of fiber in which we recommend avoiding honey that is not necessary due to the sweet taste that the banana offers.
  • Cream of chocolate, avocado and banana with dates: it is a very satisfying recipe, suitable for vegans and that is totally free of added sugars and flours, so it has a high nutritional quality.
  • Creamy chocolate and avocado: a dessert that is very easy to make, in which we recommend avoiding honey and syrup and replacing it with a sweetener to give the dish a sweet flavor.
  • Creamy chocolate and avocado mousse: using chocolate with a high degree of purity we can obtain a very healthy and satisfying mousse using avocado to replace cream or butter. We recommend avoiding skin and if we want the more sweet taste, we can use stevia for a 100% vegan and healthy option.


  • Chocolate and avocado fondant cake: it is a gluten-free and very moist alternative as well as chocolate. In it, we recommend replacing part or all of the brown sugar with stevia as a sweetener or another that allows us a much healthier option.
  • Banana and avocado ice cream: ideal for summer, this ice cream that you will find inside the link is completely natural based on fruits and therefore, with a lot of potassium, fiber, and nutrients of quality for the organism as well as a creamy texture that has nothing that envies commercial ice cream.

With these nine healthy dessert recipes with avocado, you will no longer have to overcome the temptation because with very noble and satiating ingredients it is possible to achieve the sweet that you crave at the end of the meal and taste it without worrying about neglecting the diet.

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