Do you have horrible streaks on your sunglasses? With this trick they will disappear in a moment!

sunglasses with ugly scratches. However, those same glasses are quite essential when you go out into the blazing sun. However, wait for a little before buying new ones, since you can make your old glasses do not get scratched easily with a simple product from your bathroom.

Finally, no more stripes on your sunglasses.

Special trick
The most important product you need to eliminate the scratches on your sunglasses? Toothpaste! We know it sounds really weird, but it’s the miraculous product you need to eliminate an ugly scratch. It is important to use toothpaste without bleach, gel or cleaning ingredients. Apart from that, you also need a microfiber cloth and a small bowl with warm water. Make sure the glasses fit in this container.

This is what you have to do
First, make sure to rub the glasses completely with a microfiber cloth. Squeeze some toothpaste on your finger, about the size of a pea. Rub this on the outside of one of the lenses and do this for about five minutes. Repeat the process for the other lens. Next, place the sunglasses in the container with warm water. Properly rinse leftover toothpaste. Dry the lenses with the microfiber cloth and then take a look at the lenses. You will notice that the stripes have completely disappeared!

Would you rather watch a video to know exactly how to do it? Then do not forget to watch the video on the next page. Also, go to the next page for more information on two other excellent tips for sunglasses!

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