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How To Fix Makeup In The Summer: Tips and Beauty Hacks

Agree, the last thing you want is for you to spend summer nights in the ladies’ room, adjusting your makeup. To prevent this, we have collected the most effective beauty hacks, and which you can rely on!

There are several beauty products that will make your makeup not only waterproof but armored! We’ll talk about them now, as well as about the little secrets that the beauty.ua editorial board has tried for itself.

Use base

To make up the most persistent, cosmetic giants have come up with a base. This is an absolutely light moisturizing product that is designed to fix your makeup at any time of the year. Very often, we girls are faced with the fact that a hot climate or rain with snow can negatively affect our ideal bow. Therefore, without a primer (as the base is also called) – not to do. Use it on clean skin under the tonal base, and do not worry – this product does not make the skin heavier, but rather makes it fresher and not felt on the surface of the skin. By the way, there is also a primer for the eyelids (before applying shadows) and even for eyelashes. Take advantage of this!

Prefer water-based foundation creams

As a rule, such products are very light and do not make the skin heavier. After all, I don’t really want to detect tonal cream drips by the end or middle of the day – as a rule, oily bases give such an effect. VV-SS-creams – ideal. Their light formula does not hide significant shortcomings, but even out tone, relief and makes skin color attractive. In addition, you will look natural, isn’t that what we want in the summer?

Pay attention to matting products.

Matting cream is a must-have in summer for combination and oily skin. It can be cosmetic skin care products that eliminate and regulate the release of sebum or decorative cosmetics, such as powder, cream or base. It may also be your favorite healing cream.

Put thermal water in your purse

Besides the fact that this product refreshes the skin of the face, it also perfectly fixes makeup. Somewhere in hot Rome, you will be just happy to spray some thermal water on your face + record the result of your morning efforts in front of a mirror.


And, whatever one may say, the makeup fixer is an amazing product that will do everything for you to find your tone in place even in the evening. As a rule, it comes with a spray and will serve as the final touch to your makeup.

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