How to get the infallible weekend look

We look at Lucas Vidal to learn the keys to a style that works both for Friday at the office and on Vermouth Sunday.

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Lucas Vidal, an example.

The Spanish musician does not stop to reap successes on both sides of the pond. After composing several tracks for soundtracks of big Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Fast & Furious’, he won the GQ Man of the Year award for the arts in the latest edition. And it may now be a new triumph, this time in style. If you look closely at the image, you can notice one of the basic casual looks for any time and occasion.

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Neutral sweater

It is one of the key pieces in every male wardrobe. Thanks to its raw color, we can add virtually any color underneath it without anything failing. For the weekend, forget about shirts and put on a basic shirt to have an extra layer in case it refreshes.

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Indigo cowboy

Smooth, unwashed, very dark. As you already know, it is an option that balances perfectly between formality and informality, so its versatility grows.

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Step camel.

As we said, once we have the neutral base, now is the time to add the complementary pieces. In this case, we will do it in color range with the jersey. For this, we selected nude shoes, which are also one of the trends of this season.

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The magic belt

Confess, nothing happens, it also happens to us: in the most relaxed days (more if they are linked in the form of a bridge), we tend to eat more, and absolutely nothing happens. Well, yes, we risk having the belt-tightening. The problem arises when one measure is too tight and the next does not hold. Solution? A braided belt to adjust where it best comes to you at all times.

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Sucks retro.

At this point, we would have the complete look, but we should never rule out the possibility of it refreshing. In that case, do not give in to experiments and bet on the classics, like a leather jacket. To continue in the same tone and unify the look, bet on one in earth tones.

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Weekend getaway.

What’s better than getting up on a Friday morning and, on the edge of the weekend, improvising a break? Grab a bag, throw in four things and hit the road. If you are a true GQ man, you will know that multi-pocket backpacks and retro-looking bags will be your best carry-on luggage.

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