Mirror Nails with silver and gold mirror effect enamels

The Nail Art and the original nail polishes always catch our attention, but there are some enamels in particular that leave you with your mouth open. You yourself have asked us several times where to buy them, how much they cost and what the results are.

So in this post, we are going to talk about the design of nails mirror nails with silver and gold mirror effect enamels. We will see how this desired effect is achieved and what is the best way to do it. Do not miss a single detail!

How do you get mirror effect nails?

They have been a great trend this year, but the truth is that the design of mirror effect nails has come to stay because it is a very original, striking and at the same time very simple manicure.

But, how to create a mirror effect on the nails?

There are four manicure products, both in silver, gold, and other shades, which achieve an effect very similar to the mirror:

  • Nail polish
  • Manicure powder
  • Sticker for manicure
  • Artificial nails

All these products are not simple metallic enamels, if not that their effect goes much further, simulate as much as possible a mirror, and if you use it well you can see yourself reflected in your nails!

  1. Make your nails look like a turquoise stone using a plastic bag

2. With a brush, create lines combining different glazes

3. healing bandages to create designs with dots

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