Nail Trend 2019: designs and techniques

How are they worn in 2019? What is the fashionable color? What technique to use? Know the answers to all these daily questions so that you give your clients the best advice.

It is no secret to anyone that nail decoration and accessories for manicures are in great demand in the market.

The nails have taken great importance because they are considered a letter of introduction that brings femininity, hygiene and above all, personality.

This is why for you, a professional manicurist and pedicurist, we bring some tips and relevant information to make your clients wear amazing nails.

Nail trend 2019

There are 5 colors that have been highlighted this year: red, blue, pink, gray and black -in their different tones and textures-.

According to the beauty portal Easyísimo for the summer season, it is appropriate to apply light shades of gray and blue, for winter reds and for any time of the year, blacks and grays.


They offer elegance and sophistication. In its range of tones, you can find many styles and designs that can range from something classic to something modern.


In addition to being one of the most feminine and fashionable colors, its mirror or pearl version offers a glamorous look.


Blue is considered a polyvalent color because it promises a nice result in all seasons of the year.


Years ago it was considered an essential color in the look of rock lovers, today it is perfect for any occasion, even formal events. This tone can decorate easily and also looks great with a matte touch.

Nail techniques

As a beauty professional it is important that you learn the new techniques that are incorporated into the sector to respond to the needs of your customers. Among the main ones we find:

Acrylic nails: artificial nails based on a special liquid and a polymer powder. With a correct follow-up, they tend to be more durable than gel ones.

Gel nails: they are more advanced technology, easier to apply and with more natural results than acrylic ones.

Nails in porcelain: they are more fragile than the previous ones because they are based on fiberglass. They have greater resistance and durability than gel, which is perhaps one of the most expensive techniques to perform and maintain.

3D nails: through 3D printers, you can create models of nails that we have never seen before, with reliefs and superimposed figures that are part of a single piece. Learn more about this technique in our article focused on explaining 3D nails.

Permanent enamel: applied in a similar way to traditional enamel but with much more lasting results. Unlike gel, you do not need rest time to apply the product again.

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