Whole vegan torrijas without sugar: recipe for a healthier version of the Easter classic

Let’s be honest: the typical Torrijos of Holy Week are not, precisely, very light. Inquiring into its origin is something that makes sense, and its consumption would not have major problems if it were really an occasional quirk. But we can also adapt to new circumstances with healthier recipes, such as this version of whole vegan Torrijos without sugar.

I do not mean that they are healthier because they are vegan; It is simply an alternative for people who do not consume animal products, or also for allergic and intolerant to eggs and dairy products. They are also a good option for those to whom the most sugary and fatty Torrijos do not feel good -as is my case- or palates that tolerate less sweet.


For 6 units
Slices of wholemeal bread
Almond milk or another vegetable drink (without sugar)
300 ml
Ground flax seeds 1 heaped teaspoon
Brewer’s yeast in nutritional flakes (optional)
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Vanilla Pod
Ground turmeric 1 pinch (optional)
Extra virgin olive oil or sunflower
Freshly squeezed orange juice
100 ml
100 ml
Cinnamon on branch
Stevia or another sweetener (optional) 2 teaspoons

How to make whole vegan tortilla without sugar

Difficulty: Easy
Total time
30 m
10 m
20 m
30 m
It is important to take care of the quality of the bread, looking at the ingredients well to verify that it is 100% whole, better if it is made from sourdough and artisan. We can choose a variety with rye, spelled or other cereals. I like Torrijos with more rustic bread and that is the day before.

Combine the vegetable drink with ground flax seeds, cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric (to color), brewer’s yeast is used and beat with rods in a dish or deep dish. Wait 10 minutes to thicken a little.

Cut the bread into chunky slices, but without passing, and put to soak in milk. Leave 20 minutes, turning them from time to time to soak them well. Watch the half that is not crumbling, because it depends on the type of bread.

Meanwhile, boil the juice with lemon rind, cinnamon, drained vanilla and stevia, if used. We can add a little honey if we want a more sweet touch, or agave syrup, which is more neutral and has more sweetening power. Cook the syrup without letting it boil to reduce.

Heat a good non-stick pan or griddle with a little olive oil to grease. Cook the Torrijos in batches, letting the liquid drain a little, over medium heat. Turn around carefully; Remove them when they are at the desired point.

Arrange the Torrijos ready in a dish and paint with the syrup, letting it soak well. Continue until finished with all and serve with ground cinnamon on top. Another option is to cook them in the oven, at about 200º C for 20 minutes.

With what to accompany the vegan Torrijos

The traditional ones can be served battered in sugar with cinnamon, caramelized or with syrup. For this version of whole vegan Torrijos without sugar, I take the third option to sweeten them at the end with the juice and give them more “sweet” aroma. If they seem sweet to you first, adjust the level of stevia or sweetener to taste.

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